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Meet Lisa and Burt of L & B Farm

After 30 years of raising livestock in Washington, we have relocated to Willcox, Arizona to start our dream farm in warmer temps and in a supportive community. Read more about our story below.



In a true to life story about a woman who has extraordinary power with animals, Lisa Smith, aka the pig whisperer, and her husband Burt, who is the engineer extraordinaire make a hard-working pair at L & B Farms in Willcox, Arizona. Since she was a kid, Lisa has been raising livestock –now she and her husband Burt work together to ethically raise goats, hogs and chickens on their new farm, surrounded by their group of faithful farm dogs. The dream, which is well underway, is to have a fully operational farm, a subscription farm to table business, and farm-based sales where the local community can purchase healthy, high-quality meat, veggies and other local items for their families.


They had a successful pork farm business in Washington State but found the longing for more sunshine and for more agriculture friendly communities led them to Arizona. Starting over with a new herd of livestock, their farm is already bustling with activity, with several pregnant sows ready to deliver in the weeks ahead, connecting with local farms and agricultural organizations and events, finishing a new barn, and getting settled in their new southwestern dream. Life is good. Their farm is filled with goats, pigs, chickens, and farm dogs.  Next?  They will be setting up partnerships, delivering lots of babies, and establishing their meat subscription offers for you.

Burt and Lisa are busy, but no matter what is going on, they will always make time for you and greet you with a smile. The friendly way about them and the ability to see the bright side is infectious. They are social and despite the chores, time with people matters - it won't be long until you feel like a welcome friend and you'll be pulling up a stool around the fire...but you just might have to bottle feed a baby pig while you visit.

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Ethical practices in farming are not just important, they are woven into the fabric of L & B Farm in Willcox, Arizona.  Our animals are raised with the best possible care and management we can offer. They are provided access to pastures and open, clean spaces. Our commitment is to ensure healthy animals, the highest quality meat, and healthy communities with access to local food.