Free Range Poultry Farm


All our chickens and turkeys are hatched and sent to us at a day old.  We raise each one with care to ensure they have the best start they can get.  They are moved to free range pastures to mature and grow.  Both our laying hens and meat birds are fed a specially formulated NON-GMO feed in addition to what they get foraging around the farm. 

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We sell dozen eggs for $5.00 each

You can set up an automatic payment and restock, schedule pick up or delivery. 

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Our NON-GMO pasture raised chicken is packaged whole.  Each package weighs approximently 4 to 6 pounds each.  

Whole fresh chickens are $4.29 lb

1/2 chickens & cut up fryer $4.99 lb

Our first pasture raised fresh chicken will be available mid April. 

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ATTENTION: Fresh turkeys available now, order yours today! 
$4.99 lb 
Approximate weight 15 to 18 lbs. 

Roasted Turkey
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